Stroller Strides and Body Back

Jenny Miller

I joined Stroller Strides when I moved to Colorado last summer. I was home with two under two and was in desperate need of a healthier lifestyle after being pregnant twice in a row (and just not caring for myself). After going to my first class I was hooked. Not only could I bring my babies with me, it was actually a serious workout! I also loved how everyone knew each other - it was so much more than a sweat session, it is a community that I was welcomed into with open arms. I have met some great women and always have so much fun - during class, play-dates and even moms' nights out. After starting (and stopping) many diet plans, I decided to give Body Back a try and it was AMAZING. I'm back to my wedding weight and more importantly, I am stronger, healthier and more fit than I think I have ever been before. Stroller Strides is something I can do for me and feel good about - it provides a great workout, adult conversation, and children's playtime at the same time (not to mention, my boys see me being active and understand that mama exercises!). Megan and Katherine are really great instructors, they push you to be your best while also understanding everyone may be starting at a different fitness level. I can not say enough good things about this group, it is truly a life line for me.

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